Old Danube canoe dynamic ergometer

2 450  + VAT if applicable

  • Dynamic movement platform with 80 cm range of motion
  • Materials: steel frame, aluminum rollers, carbon paddle shaft
  • Galvanized steel surface
  • Air-brake flywheel, adjustable resistance
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Length, height, width: 3.3 m × 1 m × 0.5 m
  • Safe working area (length, height, width): 3.3 m × 2 m × 1.5 m
  • Compatible with Nelo fittings. Package contains custom canoe fittings. You may use the fittings from your Nelo canoe, or purchase these from a Nelo distributor
  • 1.15-1.25 m long carbon adjustable length paddle shaft
  • Easy to transport in two sections. Longest part is 2.1 meter
  • High quality bearings
  • Indoor storage required. Not waterproof. Keep away from rain and moisture

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Product accessories

Garmin EDGE 130 with Garmin speed sensor


  • Speed and distance calculation from rotor speed measurement (Garmin speed sensor)

The price of the ergometers includes a Garmin EDGE 130.

Display values:

  • Current lap time
  • Current lap distance
  • Total distance
  • Heart Rate (HR belt required)
  • Speed