Designed for the most determined

It’s not just an ergometer. Collaboration with athletes is also part of Old Danube’s mission. It’s also an engineering development project aimed at achieving the most lifelike feel.
As a result of a long development process, Old Danube training machines represent top quality in every detail, providing high level training opportunities even for elite athletes.

Just like you were on water

Old Danube enables you to train at home, so basically it is an indoor boat. Our main design goal was to get as close to the feeling of paddling on the water as possible.

The same movement on water and land

Customizable setup options and performance measurement for outstanding results.

One of the goals of ergometer setup is to provide the athlete with the feeling closest to paddling on the water, yet with customizable options for targeted development and training. The combination of the adjustment options with performance measurement helps the athletes to find the most effective movement for themselves. The rollers are 40 cm higher than the seat, giving a great feeling of water catch, without delay. Footrest, paddle length, seat height and resistance are all adjustable.

For strength training, you may also select a resistance level harder than a sprint kayak. Our own Ergoholic (iOS) workout application gives comparable and accurate feedback on the athlete’s progress and physical condition.

Outdoor training on water is highly dependent on weather conditions. Alternatives include training camps abroad, gym training, sometimes a training pool – and an ergometer. OD ergometers, thanks to 12 years of development, represent now a real alternative to paddling on live water. Moreover, they provide further benefits in training, being adjustable to have more resistance than a sprint kayak. Raising the rope rollers makes the feel of paddling even more realistic.

An Old Danube ergometer is not just what it seems to be. First of all, of course, it is a training machine. The passion for kayaking of its designer is reflected in every detail. Each element is fine-tuned as a result of over 12 years of continuous development. It might even be considered as a hand-crafted training tool that has been developed and refined so that it now provides an experience very similar to water training in terms of feeling and efficiency. It can be set up anywhere, personalized with your own settings, and even the strength of the air resistance can be adjusted, so you can train harder than usual.

If you have any questions, write to us!