It’s not just an ergometer. As a result of a long development process, Old Danube training machines represent top quality in every detail, providing high level training opportunities even for elite athletes.

The combination of the adjustment options with performance measurement helps the athletes to find the most effective movement for themselves.  The rollers are 40 cm higher than the seat, giving a great feeling of water catch, without delay. Footrest, paddle length, seat height and resistance are all adjustable. For strength training, you may also select a resistance level harder than a sprint kayak. Being Nelo compatible, the footrest and the seat may be replaced with those of the real boats of the athletes. Equipped with the ArguStress performance meter, the system gives a comparable and accurate feedback on the athlete’s progress, physical condition, and performance difference between different techniques.

An Old Danube ergometer is not just what it seems to be. First of all, of course, it is a training machine. The passion for kayaking of its designer is reflected in every detail. Each element is fine-tuned as a result of more than 10 years of continuous development. It might even be considered as a hand-crafted training tool that has been developed and refined so that it provides now an experience very similar to water training in terms of feeling and efficiency. It can be set up anywhere, personalized with your own settings, and even the strength of the air resistance can be adjusted, so you can train harder than usual.

The dimensions of the safe working area are 2.5 meter in length, 2.2 meter in height and 1.8 meter in width.

The 2019 model is only available in matt antracyt gray powder coated finish.

The 2020 and 2021 models are only available in galvanised steel finish.

You can buy those products only, which are listed in the webshop.

The kayak ergometer comes with a fix seat, but you can fit a Nelo rotating seat on it.

We don’t have this option yet.

It is about 90% percent of your height.

No. It has about 7 hour battery time. If it has less than an hour of battery time left, then it will turn off immediately after you turn it on.

Yes! You need to get the ArguStress Monitoring softver (Windows OS) and a ANT+ USB 2.0 stick. It also works with tablets (Windows OS), but you need to have a mikroUSB-2.0USB dongle also.

Yes, you can! All of our available ergometers are designed to meet the standards of the Hungarian Kayak Canoe Federation, both for training and performance measurement.

The setting that represents the resistance of the race boats is about halfway on the scale. A flatwater race boat has less drag than a wider boat or a surfski. Also a biger hull has more drag, so if you use a Nelo XXL race boat than you should adjust the drag setting to a higher value than if you used a Nelo M. Higher settings are for strength training.

Yes! Contact us, so we can find a solution for you!

You should use the same muscles during the winter, that you use in your boat.